lesson plan (adjectives/adverbs)

Standard Daily Lesson Plan
Date: 5/24/13
Teacher: Emily Duke
Subject: English
Grade: 4th Class
• The students will be able to use adjectives and adverbs to create descriptive stories that use a lot of imagery.
• Ask the students if they know what adjectives/adverbs are. From there have them give examples and then further describe and explain what they are.
• The students will write a very descriptive story to the prompt below..
o You have landed on a new planet. You are sending a letter back to Earth and you want to tell everyone what the new planet is like. Describe what the planet looks like using imagery. Be very detailed and descriptive!!
• Draw picture to go along with their story
The student will. . .
1. Tell me what they know about adjectives/adverbs
2. Answer questions when asked
3. Come up with a planet and use very descriptive and detailed writing
4. Draw a picture of the new planet
The teacher will…
1. Ask the students what they know about adjectives and adverbs and then write what they know on the whiteboard
2. Give the students the prompt they have to write
3. Answer any questions the students might have
Closing: Writing prompt to see if the students understand how to use adjectives and adverbs to make their writing very detailed.
Evaluation: The writing will allow me to see if they know how to correctly use adjectives and adverbs in their descriptions.
Materials: none
Technology: none
Assignments: Writing assignment and drawing
Extenders: none
Provisions for Individual Differences: If they are having difficulties using adjectives, help them further understand how they are used.

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