lesson plan (scientist)

Standard Daily Lesson Plan
Date: 5/24/13
Teacher: Emily Duke
Subject: Science
Grade: 4th Class
• Learn important and interesting facts about 10 different scientists that have had major contributions to the scientific community.
• Go through the PowerPoint that has 10 important scientist with facts about each
• Play jeopardy to review what they learned from the PowerPoint
• Worksheet at the end that has different facts that they have to match to the correct corresponding scientist
The student will. . .
1. Pay attention during the PowerPoint
2. Answer questions when asked
3. Participate in the Jeopardy game
4. Do worksheet
The teacher will…
1. Go over the PowerPoint
2. Ask the students questions from the Jeopardy game aloud
3. Answer any questions the students might have
Closing: A worksheet to review what we just talked about. Ask if there are any questions.
Evaluation: The worksheet at the end of the lesson will evaluate if the students understand the concept.
Materials: PowerPoint, worksheet, Jeopardy game
Technology: Computer- PowerPoint, Jeopardy game
Assignments: Worksheet
Extenders: Jeopardy game
Provisions for Individual Differences: For students that have a hard time seeing the board, move them closer.

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