Practicum II: Day 15

my girls!

my girls!

Since today was Friday and it was also my last day I did not really do much, nor did the students. First they went down to the computer lab to work on something they were doing last week. The students had to search the Titanic website and make up questions. Then they had to get in their groups and pick the top five questions. These questions are going to be sent to their coordinating Dissolving Boundaries school in Belfast. After they were they came back to the classroom and then I did a fun presentation about myself. I made a PowerPoint that had pictures of my parents, brother, best friend, my dogs, my interests, and some places we have been in Ireland. After I was done I had a final question and answer session where they could ask me anything about me or America. I think they really enjoyed the pictures I had and also liked asking me questions. Next I handed them out a recipe for mac and cheese (since they did not know what it was and I feel like giving them this recipe is like giving them an everlasting gift haha) and gave them kinder chocolate bars. After I was done the teacher asked them to turn to their partner and tell them everything they know about the word “tribes.” Then she asked them to do the same thing with the word “mask.” Next she explained to them that for the rest of the day they were going to be designing an African tribe mask. She told them that they could use crayons, paint, or oil pastels. While the students were working on their mask she showed them a couple of videos of African tribes doing their ritual dance. I loved seeing how creative the students could be and I also really liked seeing the mask they were drawing. Overall I have truly enjoyed myself at St. Munchins Girls School. I learned and experienced a lot and I am so thankful I had the opportunity to. I feel that my mind has been changed since the first day because I was expecting the teachers to be strict, but mine was not that bad she was actually a lot of fun. Also, I noticed that the teachers don’t really have to stick to their plans every day and they can kind of do what they want instead of teaching to a test like most teachers have to do in the US. The students went above and beyond my first expectations I had of them. They were so sweet and very caring towards one another. Another thing that I thought at the beginning was that there was going to be a lot of technology being used because I thought the school was a private school and that they would have a lot of money, but they actualyl did not have that much technology because they are a poorer public school. I loved every single one of them and I am definitely going to miss them all. I am so sad that today was my last day because I truly loved my class. I will definitely miss all of them and I can’t believe three weeks is already up!

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