Pracitcum II: Day 2

me standing in front on St. Munchin's School for Girls

me standing in front on St. Munchin’s School for Girls

Today we all set off to find our schools that we will be teaching in for the next couple of weeks. I am with Amber Penny and it ended up taking us an hour to even find our school, which is St. Munchin’s School for Girls, even though it is really only a 25 minute walk. As we started on our walk, well we will call it a “journey”, we passed by different neighborhoods and even found St. Munchin’s School for Boys and a college. After getting really frustrated we decided to ask the Garda (which are apparently the police) where the girls school was located, but even after asking them it took us about ten more minutes to find where the school was because it was down a street and it was somewhat hidden. When we finally arrived at our school the gates were closed so we had to take our pictures from the outside. The building itself looks old and there is a giant stone cross in the very front which is interesting because back in the states that would almost never happen, but since religion is such a big part of the culture here is doesn’t exactly surprise me. I feel like the students at this school are maybe going to be more proper or better behaved than students in the US especially since it is an all-girls private catholic school. I feel like they will know a lot about Catholicism and that they will be very well educated within their religion and in general. Also, I feel that they will be dressed in more conservative clothing and they will be responsible for themselves. On the other hand, I feel that the teachers will be strict and they will be sticking to traditional practices. I also feel they will be intense and not as laid back as some US teachers. I don’t know if they will or not, but I wonder if they might use rulers to hit the girl’s hands because I’ve heard of some catholic schools doing that. In the classroom, I feel that there won’t be as much technology as there is in the states and that the classes will be taught in traditional instead of modern ways. I think that they will probably stick to old teaching ways because Ireland is a very old country and that it probably works for them. I am very excited to see how they do things in the girl’s school and to see the differences between Ireland schools and American schools.

1 thought on “Pracitcum II: Day 2

  1. nancypowersireland2013

    You have some interesting ideas about what you may experience next Monday. I can’t wait to read your reflections as to the “correctness” of your assumptions! It will be a great adventure!


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